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What is Childhood Trauma? DVD
What is Childhood Trauma? DVD
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Resource #: PD361-WICD099W
Type: DVD
Price: $99.95

Program Contents: 29 minute DVD

Captioning: None

Copyright Date: 2002

Available in the United States Only

There are sixteen to twenty million children and adolescents currently at risk for developing trauma-related problems.  These problems include anxiety, depression, substance abuse, failure at school, susceptibility to victimization and abuse, and criminality.  Many healthcare systems, teachers, and caregivers are only now beginning to recognize and address the problem.  Presents an overview of the effects of chilhood trauma on the individual and on society. 

Program segments include:
• Range of Trauma
• Survival Potential
• Traumatic Memory
• Self Esteem
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Addressing Trauma
• Adult Trauma
• Trauma and Society

Particular emphasis is given to the criteria that define Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, including hyper-vigilance, hyper-reactivity, and dissociation.