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Workplace Etiquette: Why Being Polite Counts on the Job DVD
Workplace Etiquette: Why Being Polite Counts on the Job DVD
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Resource #: WPED013W
Type: DVD
Price: $195.93

Program Contents: 24 minute DVD. Includes teacher's resource book and student handouts with pre/post tests.

Captioning: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2009

Available in the United States Only

There's a right way and a wrong way to behave in the workplace. Doing things the wrong way can result in getting fired. Doing things the right way can result in job security, salary increases and promotions. Using acted-out scenarios in common workplace settings, plus commentary from real bosses, the video shows teens conducting themselves properly; how to treat customers and fellow employees with respect, using appropriate language, respecting personal boundaries, being punctual, proper telephone manners, proper voice mail and email usage, avoiding gossip, responding appropriately to constructive criticism, and being a good listener. Extensive teacher's guide contains student handouts, pre- and post-tests for extended learning.

Produced by Human Relations Media Inc.

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