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Quick Job Search Guide for Ex-Offenders

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Resource #: QJSESAM
Type: BOOK
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Ex-offenders face huge obstacles as they return to society and attempt to gain employment. JIST has adapted its popular Quick Job Search booklet for use by ex-offenders in an effort to provide them with the best information and job search strategies available. JIST founder Mike Farr has written extensively on the best job seeking methods, and JIST Certified Trainer Maurice Stevens has worked extensively with ex-offenders to help them overcome their obstacles and barriers and get employed. Together, these two esteemed career counseling professionals offer the absolute best advice one can find. Readers of Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders will learn the seven principles in getting a good job fast

·         Create a positive image

·         Identify one’s skills

·         Identify job targets

·         Get the job search documents in order

·         Use the two most effective job search methods

·         Improve interview skills

·         Follow up


Additionally, Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders addresses the issues likely faced by those recently released from incarceration:

·         Meeting basic living needs

·         Establishing a support network

·         Identifying and emphasizing transferable skills

·         Setting realistic occupational goals for immediate employment

·         Taking a long-term approach to job success and career development

·         Addressing incarceration in resumes, cover letters, job applications and interviews

·         Providing evidence of rehabilitation

·         Taking advantage of any local, state, and federal hiring initiatives


Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders also includes two appendices: An “Essential Job Search Data Worksheet,” and a section on “The First Thirty Days on the Job.”