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Lays a foundation for successful planning in the classroom. Veteran teachers give us a glimpse into their lesson-planning processes, sharing tricks and tips they've learned along the way.

Cosmo reaches out to others with OCD to more deeply understand the nature of his own condition.

Jim Wright presents strategies for structuring classroom routines that minimize opportunities for student misbehavior with RTI.

Teaching functional life skills to young children with Autism and other significant developmental disorders.

The third edition of the Power of 2 preserves the fundamental concepts, the classic six classroom approaches—that still have validity after two decades of scrutiny—while at the same time updating the examples that reflect co-teaching’s evolution, such as, an examination of services provided by teachers of students who are English language learners.

Learn how you can get your kids up, dressed and out of the house in the morning without being late-and how you can get them back to bed in the evening without going crazy and much, much more.

Serves as an educational tool to help parents seek unanswered questions, find ways to network and get involved.

Examples of how to instruct positive behaviors across all grade levels and settings.

Hear Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District principals discuss, in practical detail, the expectations, challenges and supports necessary to ensure all students are learning in co-taught classrooms.


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