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A look back and a look ahead with Richard Lavoie,creator of F.A.T. City Workshop

Illustrates how educators can greatly assist students with attentional, behavioral, and learning challenges within their classrooms using these effective techniques.

Explores diagnosis and treatments of ADHD, ADD, and ODD, and discusses steps to help children with these challenging behaviors.

A mother's thirst for knowledge about Autism leads her on a journey the may help her son.

Looks at America's overall unpreparedness in helping adults with Autism from pursuing fulfilling lives.

Collection of stories individuals who have become highly successful that will inspire and encourage all learners.

This practical video paints a dramatic picture of the wrong way to discipline kids and shows clear, practical alternatives.

A teaching aid that introduces an easy way for school nurses and teachers to the most effective way to teach the subject puberty.

Learning for the very young child is centered on the moment-to-moment experiences of their day.

Highlights crucial cornerstones of character — courage, empathy, perseverance, respect and responsibility — by showing real kids who achieved amazing results for themselves and their communities.

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