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Service Provider

Contents feature gentle aerobics, upper body strengthening using soup cans as weights, enjoyable dance motions and a pleasant cool-down.

Some 'cultural givens' are so deeply imbedded as to be invisible to those who hold them. These assumptions lead to communication breakdowns that cause embarrassment, frustration, or even discrimination.

Real Teens discuss students with disabilities and how the general student population can support them.

For employers that have hired or are considering hiring someone with a disability, offers a real-life look at issues and solutions in the workplace.

Powerful teaching and learning tool for educators, teachers, and students committed to creating a more inclusive and tolerant school and community.

Teaches students how to eat at home or at a restaurant on a budget.

Although children with birth disorders face special hurdles as they grow, today’s parents of challenged or disabled children should be able to benefit from a variety of resources and support systems.

Teaches how to reduce the risk of falls inside and outside of the home while encouraging independence.

Sessions of breathing for relaxation, coordinated stretching, and yoga movements seated in a chair.

How-to video and curriculum guide details how to implement a successful service learning project in your school.

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