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Service Provider
Service Provider

Sessions of breathing for relaxation, coordinated stretching, and yoga movements seated in a chair.

Real Teens discuss students with disabilities and how the general student population can support them.

Some 'cultural givens' are so deeply imbedded as to be invisible to those who hold them. These assumptions lead to communication breakdowns that cause embarrassment, frustration, or even discrimination.

Teaches students how to eat at home or at a restaurant on a budget.

Ms. Rodde is a major advocate for the disabled. She will teach you that a person with a disability wants respect and to be treated like anyone else.

A look at female bullying and how it's handled.

With the help of this video, your clients or students will better understand how to present themselves professionally for interview and career success.

Explores interventions healthcare providers can use to avoid chemical and physical restraints in older adults with dementia.

Safety Skills Reader features 26 illustrated stories covering essential everyday safety skills.

How-to video and curriculum guide details how to implement a successful service learning project in your school.

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