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Service Provider
Service Provider

Profiles the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome and what sufferers and their families can do to overcome the limitations that it imposes.

Program uses dramatic, thought-provoking interviews with real teenagers to demonstrate that, there are ways to resist exploding in anger or defiance.

Uses home and workplace situations to teach seven “Laws of Good Listening”.

Covers verbal and nonverbal communication, formal and informal communication, conflict resolution and negotiation, and staff-to-staff and staff-to-management communication.

Puberty education for students with special needs.

Package of 25 additional booklets to accompany the Becker Work Adjustment Profile.

The empowering message that the most effective way to deal with bullying is through the efforts of those who witness it.

Examines the basic elements of communication and how they can be adapted to older people who are living with hearing, vision, speech, and cognitive losses.

Documents the Nazi Regime horror with respect to its treatment of people with disabilities.

Teaches employees how to react during an earthquake.

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