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Service Provider

Visual, interactive, and customizable communication elements for children and young adults.

Teaches the principles of body mechanics and the importance of learning to move correctly in order to avoid injury.

Focuses on the challenging behavior parents face and how they work and support their child with autism.

Looks at the pressures on parents and caregivers who are supporting a child who has been sexually abused, acknowledging that this can be a stressful and isolating experience.

Puts a human face on the progression of Alzheimer’s disease as it profiles seven people, ages 63 to 87, at different stages of the illness.

Teaches students how to maintain a personal account involving all types of transactions.

Empowers everyone to solve and prevent violence and abuse for people with disabilities.

Teaches how to deal with people-as-customers.

Help teenagers recognize and deal with the "black dog" by explaining the causes and symptoms of depression, telling how and where to find help, and providing information on forward-looking treatments tailored for teens.

Complex and controversial history of the mental institution in the U.S. through a detailed study of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, DC.

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