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Discovering and assessing interest, behaviors and skill levels are common strategies used by teachers, therapists and service providers respectively.  If the strategy calls for assessments for people with disabilities these professionals may need a variety of tools to accommodate for the disability, then allowing the measurement of behavior, skill or interest levels.  For example; an inventory used for people with learning disabilities may be very different than other disability assessment tools.  

Because of the disability, evaluation may require a specialized learning disabilities assessment such as the Free Interest Inventory. This inventory makes use of pictures of individuals engaged in different occupations and does not require reading comprehension or written language skills.  It is ideal for measuring the vocational likes and dislikes of students and adults with intellectual and learning disabilities that are enrolled in vocational/career training programs.  

Program Development Associates recognizes the importance of various assessment approaches to accommodate a variety of needs.  Our Assessment Store specializes in providing disability tools, inventories and evaluations designed to assess career planning, work readiness, literacy, behavior and the need for therapy or intervention.

This user-friendly resource provides over 50 reproducible forms and numerous intervention procedures founded in evidence-based research and standards.

Measures work adjustment and work supports of people with special needs.

Package of 25 Questionnaire Test Booklets to accompany the Becker Work Adjustment Profile (Second Edition).

Viewers match their talents, skills and interests to career opportunities.

Diagnostic characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome and more with Dr. Tony Attwood.

Gives test takers an idea about how much they know about money management and a benchmark to motivate them to revise their spending habits.

An assessment tool designed to both measure the stress of caregiving, and to highlight areas that the family caregiver should address.

Teachers share effective systems of observation and ways to observe the social/ emotional, physical, cognitive and language development of their Pre-K students.

Pre-K teachers and education coordinators demonstrate the systems they've devised to collate the observational data they have gathered.

This program shows viewers how to select a rewarding and satisfying career by engaging in a reflective self-assessment process.

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Becker Work Adjustment Profile - Complete Set (Second Edition)
Becker Work Adjustment Profile - Complete Set (Second Edition)
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