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A caregiver needs to have support and on occasion, some help for themselves to help prevent mental health issues like depression. This is very important for family members who take the role as dementia caregivers.  Caregiver support is available from several different sources, one of which is their local Caregiver Program.  The programs are often affiliated with caregiver services, funded by the federal government and supported through state and county social service agencies.  Agencies for aging and disability provide a great deal of caregiver support and additionally may provide relief and respite to caregivers for seniors or for those with disabilities (such as autism).

Government caregiver programs may be called upon to help children or the elderly, or to assist parents of children with disabilities in the areas of education and awareness.  Often they fund outside agencies providing caregiver education.  It is not uncommon for these agencies to offer a caregiver course using video’s as an integral part of the training.  Many of the agencies have come to us for their caregiver products and resources. 

For over two and a half decades, Program Development Associates has been assisting professionals who serve and assist people with disabilities, advocates and caregivers.  PDA's caregiver training offers a large selection of products that professional caregivers, personal assistants and college level instructors have relied on for their educational and training needs.

Teaches care providers the skills and techniques necessary to take and record vital signs accurately.

An assessment tool designed to both measure the stress of caregiving, and to highlight areas that the family caregiver should address.

Looks at the progression of changes Alzheimer's causes to intimate relationships.

A twenty-one hour course that provides high-quality, hands-on training in essential care skills for family caregivers and volunteers.

Provides critically needed training for personal and home care aides, one of the top 10 fastest-growing occupations in the country.

Academy Award winning portrait of poet and journalist Mark O'Brien, who contracted polio in childhood and spent much of his life in an iron lung.

A world champion kite flyer shares his passion for flight with a man blind from birth in this tale of friendship that challenges our notions of disability.  

A highly engrossing family drama about a successful artist who must cope with his sudden paralysis following an accident.  

A comprehensive resource intended to aid stroke survivors and their caregivers during the ongoing recovery process.

Profiles two families exhausted by the struggle to provide all day, every day care for their developmentally disabled adult children at home, while simultaneously battling for the help and resources they need. How long can they do it alone?

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