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Child Development
Children with disabilities are not always able to reach the developmental milestones we would like to see them attain.  Delays in biological and psychological progression, beginning at birth for children who have a disability, can slow their transition to reaching self-sufficiency and independence as they move into adulthood.  The assistance of professionals along with appropriate supports can aid a child with a disability reach their full potential.  Specialists in disability child education can help in the development of children who have physical disabilities.  Disability specialists in child education and development are crucial in helping children reach those important milestones in their lives.

Program Development Associates Child Development Store has been stocked specifically to help professionals and caregivers working with children with disabilities.  It offers disability children education and training resources on motor, physical, cognitive, speech and language development for early education and child development specialists.

Teaches children how to care for themselves, how to bathe, shower, brush teeth and comb hair, dress and undress, with emphasis on tying, buckling, zipping and buttoning.

Teaches children what happens and how to behave wherever they go.

There are lots of great things to enjoy everyday- from family and friends, to food and fun! Join John and learn all them.

Overview of theory in action.

Viewers will learn theories that will give them a foundation to build their own philosophy of education.

Provides an overview of practical toilet training techniques and core principles for children with special needs.

Teaching functional life skills to young children with Autism and other significant developmental disorders.

Following four-year-old Ronen, a young boy with Down syndrome, this intimate documentary concretely demonstrates that inclusive preschool classrooms benefit both children with special needs and their typical peers.

This documentary brings Autism syndrome out of the shadows, stressing that young people with developmental disabilities can learn and grow, if their individual needs, styles, and abilities are respected. 

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