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Disability in children is not easy for parents to acknowledge.  Fortunately, there are others who feel it is important not only to acknowledge but to share their disabilities children stories with others.  They know how important it is to support children with disabilities by documenting their experiences.  Their stories teach parents who have children with autism, learning, physical and other disabilities how they can move beyond trepidation to reach and surpass expectations.  Due to the benevolence of those who document their failures and triumphs there are several highly rated and award winning documentaries related to disabilities in children and parenting.

Program Developments’ Children and Adolescent Store has several documentaries about children and disabilities.  We have an assortment of products ranging from adolescent and children with disabilities resources to childrens disability awareness DVDs.  This information can be very useful to parents of children with disabilities as well as the professionals who support them.

Provides an overview of practical toilet training techniques and core principles for children with special needs.

Shows how a bully learns that tolerance and diversity is essential for a community to function well.

Students learn about pyshical and emotional changes of puberty.

Answers many common questions that teens may have about mental health treatment.

Important lessons in courage, humor and honor from Quinn Bradlee, a role model for students with learning disabilities or special needs.

The harrowing story of the filmmaker's son Adam, a 12-year-old with Asperger Syndrome, during a tumultuous year in the life of their family.

Narrated by an Olympic gold snowboarder, this documentary tells the story of three young men living with permanent brain damage from head injuries while pursuing extreme sports.

Following four-year-old Ronen, a young boy with Down syndrome, this intimate documentary concretely demonstrates that inclusive preschool classrooms benefit both children with special needs and their typical peers.

This documentary brings Autism syndrome out of the shadows, stressing that young people with developmental disabilities can learn and grow, if their individual needs, styles, and abilities are respected. 

Shares the everyday lives of families living with neuromuscular disorders with caseworks and clinicians, and the parents of children who have been recently diagnosed.

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Small Differences DVD
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Parents: Our Most Important Resource DVD
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Toilet Training for Children with Special Needs DVD