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Disaster & Safety

As people with disabilities increasingly participate in the community and become more involved in mainstream society, it is only natural they be provided the same level of safety as the rest of the population.  Whether an emergency is natural, man-made or terrorist-driven, safety procedures and emergency planning and preparedness are critical for people with disabilities.

People with physical or intellectual disabilities, those who are deaf or hard of hearing, the visually impaired or others, can greatly decrease their chances of serious injury, death or of becoming a victim of crime by participating in safety training programs and practicing proven safety precautions tailored to their needs.  Depending on the location and disability, needs planning can vary greatly. Obliviously a workplace safety training program will differ from one of disability safety procedures for residents planning a fire escape route in their home.  Safety planning also can differ dramatically based on the nature of the disability alone.  A disability safety training course for people with limited mobility will incorporate different accommodations than will a course for those with diminished cognitive abilities.

Professionals in the field of disaster preparedness, fire safety and law enforcement have helped in the development of workplace safety awareness resources, fire prevention video, crime prevention procedures and disaster preparedness for people with disabilities.  Program Development Associates distributes a large variety of these resources in its Disaster & Safety Store that can help with the unique needs someone with a disability may face in an emergency.

Guides you through the creation of your own Disability Evacuation Plan, addressing issues that can mean the difference between life and death.

Teaches employees how to react during an earthquake.

A comprehensive emergency response-training tool that educates both the individual and the caregiver. It verbally and visually demonstrates emergency situations and features a separate segment for the individual.

Designed to give staff a basic overview of fire prevention and what they can do if a fire occurs.

Covers safety procedures for loading and unloading special needs students.

Social skills training for teaching assertiveness, relationship skills and sexual awareness.

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Fire Safety Training DVD & Curriculum
Fire Safety Training DVD & Curriculum