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Diseases & Disorders
There are hundreds of conditions that can affect our bodies and minds.  They can often be confusing and distinctions between them are often difficult to clarify. Often times the diseases and symptoms associated with these medical conditions and disorders can be associated with a functional abnormality or disturbance.  

Mental disorders such as a personality disorder, anxiety disorder and cognitive disorder treatment must acknowledge the complex interaction of biological, social and psychological factors.  Terminology tends to be more value neutral and less stigmatizing as it is important to assure use of the correct term or terms to properly distinguish between disease and disorder.

A good source of disorder education and disease information video training programs is the Program Development Associates Disease and Disorder Store.  We focus to provide DVD resources and training programs that will engage and educate viewers interested in learning about the impact, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of disorders and diseases.

A curriculum for nurses and nursing students about the needs of children and adults with disabilities who are medically fragile.

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