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Some company executives or their Human Resource (HR) Departments question whether they really need a diversity program.  Then when implemented, it is not uncommon for their employees to wonder, "What is diversity and how does it affect me?"

The answer: for most businesses workforce diversity and workplace diversity is absolutely vital.  A workforce diversity program encourages recruitment and advancement of employees spanning areas of gender, ethnicity, age, race, culture, physical ability and beyond.  The business theory is that in addition to avoiding discrimination, equality and diversity work in union to provide a sense of belonging, unity and increased employee commitment.  This leads to more employee involvement, with the opportunity for the unique contributions of individual employees to increase the bottom lines of both productivity and revenue.

The benefits of diversity are not without challenges.  Miscommunication, cultural bias and assimilation into the dominate workforce are only a few.  This makes managing workplace diversity and leadership activities crucial.  Diversity training is one of several strategies used in company diversity programs.  Diversity sensitivity training can be achieved using various teaching activities such as activities, exercises and videos to improve communication, reduce bias and facilitate assimilation challenges.  Program Development Associates features a large variety of diversity employment resources in our Diversity Education Store.  We have diversity DVD’s, sensitivity training and education resources to make implementing, understanding, teaching, and managing diversity easier than ever before.

Real people with different physical abilities describe the kinds of service they prefer and offer strategies and techniques designed to help individuals serve customers with disabilities more easily and effectively.

Explore the meaning of good citizenship and the importance of community involvement.

Use this outstanding video to train staff and community about disability etiquette.

Teaches fundamental skills needed to succeed in any job.

A thoughtful, hard hitting and at times, irreverent look at where people with disabilities have been and where they want to be.

Powerful documentary about people with disabilities who struggle to be recognized as sexual beings, free to explore their sexuality and to lead sexually fulfilling lives.

An edgy, raw documentary exploring the politics of disability through performances at a national conference on disability and the arts. 

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Disability Culture Rap DVD
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