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For someone with a disability, health information on various healthcare options is essential.  For a disability that is related to, or a result of working, employers can provide information about health insurance and their disability employee coverage.  And for those whose disability is not work related, social service and public health can both be a source for health care information and assistance.

Regardless when you acquire a life altering disability, plans providing alternatives to institutional care are essential. Depending upon the circumstances, professional disability health advocates will often promote homecare over institutional care. This type of healthcare allows many who have a disability to receive the needed care in their own home, which advocates say is a more natural and better for the individual than institutional care and can be less expensive.  Unfortunately, homecare can become a financial burden or a cause of stress related mental health issues for the caregivers.

For the caregiver and the person with the disability, assistance and information is critical that can help relieve stress and confusion.  Questions about the disability, underlying medical conditions, what skills are there to help make homecare easier and less stressful and alternative care can be overwhelming.  Program Development Associates has a large collection of training and documentary resources in our Disability HealthCare store, providing essential education and information for everyone involved in health care.

Learn how to manage a loved one's medications.

Teaches care providers the skills and techniques necessary to take and record vital signs accurately.

Learn step-by-step procedure for moving someone from the bed to a wheelchair using a mechanical lift.

Provides below-level readers with illustrations and social skills covering puberty, dating, pregnancy, STDs and more.

Designed for women with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to teach awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Designed to help understand germs and germ transmission, cold and flu symptoms, monitoring symptoms with a digital thermometer, and when to seek medical attention.

A twenty-one hour course that provides high-quality, hands-on training in essential care skills for family caregivers and volunteers.

This program enters an MRI lab and presents informative case studies as it reveals state-of-the-art developments in the battle against MS.

Teaches about observation, reporting and documentation, three important areas of client care.

Understand the principles behind personal care and how to perform them safely and respectfully as a caregiver.

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National Caregiver Training Program DVD Set