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For someone with a disability, health information on various healthcare options is essential.  For a disability that is related to, or a result of working, employers can provide information about health insurance and their disability employee coverage.  And for those whose disability is not work related, social service and public health can both be a source for health care information and assistance.

Regardless when you acquire a life altering disability, plans providing alternatives to institutional care are essential. Depending upon the circumstances, professional disability health advocates will often promote homecare over institutional care. This type of healthcare allows many who have a disability to receive the needed care in their own home, which advocates say is a more natural and better for the individual than institutional care and can be less expensive.  Unfortunately, homecare can become a financial burden or a cause of stress related mental health issues for the caregivers.

For the caregiver and the person with the disability, assistance and information is critical that can help relieve stress and confusion.  Questions about the disability, underlying medical conditions, what skills are there to help make homecare easier and less stressful and alternative care can be overwhelming.  Program Development Associates has a large collection of training and documentary resources in our Disability HealthCare store, providing essential education and information for everyone involved in health care.

Shows how to administer and interpret the Braden Scale for predicting pressure sore risks in home, hospital, and long-term care environments.

Teaches the principles of body mechanics and the importance of learning to move correctly in order to avoid injury.

Examines the risk factors for falls, illustrating cases in which falls can be avoided and is taylored for the elderly.

Teaches how to reduce the risk of falls inside and outside of the home while encouraging independence.

Social skills training for teaching assertiveness, relationship skills and sexual awareness.

Too many teens are either ignorant about the dangers of drugs or are in denial about the hazards they pose. This program, with its clever use of satire, graphics and mock pop quizzes, captivates student attention as well as educates.

Beyond the immediate risks to a patient's life, doctors must also identify other bodily damage.

Shows how to integrate best practices in the prevention of wandering and elopement, specifically in older adults with dementia.

The program presents facts about puberty in a context of self-respect and self-confidence.

Academy Award winning portrait of poet and journalist Mark O'Brien, who contracted polio in childhood and spent much of his life in an iron lung.

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National Caregiver Training Program DVD Set