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Job Retention

The idea that an employee will spend their lifetime working for the same organization is no longer the norm.  An employee will likely change jobs 8 or more times throughout their working career.  However, it is important that the decision to leave the job is their own and not the result of being fired for an employee with or without disability.  

Adult workers new to the labor market and students in job transition may need extra help in learning some of the critical factors that contribute in making them a valuable employee.  Also for people with disabilities, job training and coaching can be the determining factors in career advancement or job termination.

Our Disability Job Retention Store has a variety of resources that teach skills to help employees avoid ‘the pink slip’ and will help to advance their careers.  With a primary focus on disability job training, supports it also contains DVD’s and curriculum for adults and students new to the work force.  The resources will teach competencies such as problem-solving skills, work ethics, interactions with co-workers, grooming for success, self-confidence, advocacy skills and accepting responsibility.  Program Development Associates Job Retention Store teaches people how to transform themselves into a wanted and needed commodity while helping to lay the groundwork for a successful career.

A town, a school embrace inclusion! An inspiring story of one man's life.

Teaches such competencies as the ability to self-examine one's strengths and weaknesses, creative problem-solving skills, self-confidence and assertiveness, advocacy skills, and accepting responsibility.

Features real life workers with developmental disabilities along with their employers.

Developed to help staff working in school-to-work transition programs and supported employment programs.

Provides engaging and age-appropriate reading material for adolescents and young adults who do not read conventionally.

Viewers learn the essentials of good customer service and the important role it plays in any service organization.

Empowers jobseekers as well as new hires as they explore the issues surrounding what is invariably a major life change.

Features workers in real jobs while they explore essential topics related to work.

This program shows viewers not only how to survive on the job, but how to get ahead, too.

Getting along with other people is an essential work skill that every employee must learn in order to succeed.

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