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Whether you are an employment specialist, job developer, guidance counselor, or a person with disability, you will find our Disabilities Job Search Store a handy resource.

Before sending out resumes, filling in applications, and getting an interview there is: The Job Search.  The current high unemployment rates make this part of the employment process more critical than it has been in many years.  For people with disabilities, job search strategies are essential.  Any individual or employment specialist conducting a disability job search not only has to play the game of musical chairs by trying to get one of only a few of the available chairs but, they must also make sure the chair they get will accommodate the skills and requirements of the candidate.  Disabilities job opportunities, specifically prospective employers seeking a person with a disability are, unfortunately, very limited.  Therefore, when engaging in a job search the person with a disability can search for a job using many of the same venues as anyone else.  These include utilizing the internet, personal contacts and other networking venues, agencies, classified ads and direct application, which are all good, valid tools.  However, there are other tactics that a person with disability or employment specialist can utilize to help give them and edge in their job search.

Our Disability Job Search Store has many resources created and developed to give the extra edge you need to secure the job opportunity you are searching for.

Viewers learn about the type of resume that suits them best, the parts of a resume and resume do's and don't for their situation.

Teaches viewers how to set short and long term goals, methods for researching job objectives that fit their skills and interests, and develop a career plan for achieving these goals.

Viewers learn about what they need from a job and what they have to offer an employer. Features tips for budgeting time and money, identifying job skills, and seeing through the eyes of an employer.

Features real-life work scenarios and experts focusing on the medical and vocational aspects associated with psychiatric disabilities in the workplace.

Students will learn the "dos" and "don'ts" of interviewing as they decide who they would hire as the new sales rep.

Young adults will learn how to define personal employment goals; research a company of interest; do mock interviews, for practice; dress for success; make a good first impression; communicate strengths, skills, accomplishments, and more.

A step-by-step guide to finding a good job in less time

This comprehensive CD-ROM consists of 13 self-paced instructional modules which address the complex issues related to abuse and neglect of children and adults with developmental disabilities 

This instructor's resources CD-ROM accompanies Getting the Job You Really Want, the most widely used workbook of its kind. The instructional materials contained on this CD-ROM provide a comprehensive and engaging curriculum for any job search course, workshop, or program -- all easily adapted to your specific needs. 

Ability Explorer (AE) ranks a person’s strengths in the 12 abilities important in today’s workplace. In less than 30 minutes, individuals learn their strongest abilities, plus related careers for developing and using these abilities

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