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Social & Community Skills
For those who have an intellectual or a cognitive disability, social information is not processed or readily communicated and social abilities become impaired.  For those who experience this type of disability, social programs can play an important role in their lives.  For a person with Autism or a cognitive disability, social help may be needed.  Integrated school and community based disability social training programs that teach social skills using natural environments and cues are often the best route for acquiring skills and the facilitation of community inclusion.

However, in addition to a disability community program, there are other social education methods to help professionals teach a child or adult to communicate information and improve the skills needed to function within a community setting. Disability social resources such as video programs, curriculum and games are tools that can be used to assist professionals with community training. They can additionally be used as ways to help a person with a disability transition into a social program or recreational and employment opportunities. Program Development Associates Social and Community Store offers a large number of high quality community skills resources for professionals and parents who want the benefits and help a disability social program video or educational resource can provide.

Viewers will see how easy it can be to read a recipe, measure out ingredients, prepare all sorts of meats and vegetables, package up and store leftovers, and clean up the kitchen so everything is sanitary and neat.

Guides viewers smoothly through the process of planning balanced meals, making a shopping list, clipping coupons, and setting (and sticking to!) a budget.

Explores the life-enhancing impact of continued creativity and artistic expression -- well into the later years! 

Depicts scenes of intense verbal bullying, a racially loaded incident, the theft of a wallet in a crowded restauran, a homeless person is attacked and is designed to provoke both introspection and group debate. 

Covers personal care for men and women, dressing for success, clothing care and people skills.

Describes three methods of following a schedule.

Safety Skills Reader features 26 illustrated stories covering essential everyday safety skills.

Covers safety procedures for loading and unloading special needs students.

Covers dining at fast food or table service restaurants, school cafeteria or home.

Illustrated step-by-step sequences of grocery and department store shopping.

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