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Aging & Alzheimer's
If you or someone you know is caring for aging parents or has become a dementia caregiver, there will come a time when help is needed.  What is dementia, what type of dementia am I dealing with, what are the dementia signs I should be looking for are only a few of the questions that come up when you’re dealing with aging parents.  

Most state and local governments have some specific aging services in place in an effort to provide assistance and support for dementia in the elderly and their caregivers and are generally found under a title of Department of Disability and Aging.  Routinely they have programs for people with dementia, but also provide aging research support as well as dementia training courses and education for caregivers and the general public.  The information and health services to help with the effects of aging in the elderly and those who care for them is an increasingly valuable asset and should be considered a high priority within any aging and disability resource center.

However, during the initial dementia stages when caregivers are beginning to see the early signs and behaviors, they need information that will help them with understanding dementia and what the future will bring.  Much of the information can be obtained through dementia and Alzheimer’s related guides, training, studies, articles, and facts.  The internet and some of the on-line sites and resources are often good sources for anyone working or coping with people who have dementia.  

Program Development Associates is a leading source of aging and dementia information as well as Alzheimer’s information and awareness, through programs, video and products.  Our website,, has dozens of resources providing aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s related information covering areas of communication, behaviors, activities, health and care created specifically to educate and help those who care for the aging and what may come with it.

Goes inside the labs and clinics of 25 leading scientists and physicians who are seeking to discover how to better detect and diagnose the disease, delay the onset of memory loss, affect the brain changes associated with the disease, and ultimately prevent the disease altogether.

Puts a human face on the progression of Alzheimer’s disease as it profiles seven people, ages 63 to 87, at different stages of the illness.

Contains routines of lively stretching and strengthening motions with big band-style musical accompaniment.

Explores interventions healthcare providers can use to avoid chemical and physical restraints in older adults with dementia.

This DVD covers the components of executive function which may not be readily detected in routine cognitive screening tests.

Defines Alzheimer's Disease and its effects and teaches communication techniques that can bring a higher quality of life both to the person who has Alzheimer's and to the caregiver.

Describes the importance of positive communication skills and teaches effective methods for creating clear, respectful exchanges.

A complete training program for new and experienced caregivers.

Teaches cultural awareness and competence, both individually and within health care organizations.

Elder abuse or mistreatment can take on various forms that often go undetected. 

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Aged Care: Communicating with Aged Care Residents DVD
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Aged Care: Meaningful Activities for People with Dementia DVD