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Career Management
Because the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is significantly higher than for those without disabilities, career management can often be neglected.  For many with a disability, job seeking and employment are their main focuses.  However, even after the initial entry into the labor market, career goals are just as important for people with disabilities as finding the job is.  For anyone, including a person with a disability, career management is more than a singular event.  Career management is a life long process and investment that will identify, plan and achieve defined goals and objectives

Often, for people with disabilities, careers start with a vision that becomes a plan, and then a commitment to lifelong learning and planning.  Individualized paths and plans will differ. For example; for a person with a disability, job training programs might require certain accommodations.  Career education can help identify barriers as well as assist in reaching successful career goals.  

Program Development Associates Career Management Store has a wide variety of education and management resources developed to help individuals and career education professionals with planning and identifying jobs, career paths and training for people with disabilities.

This comprehensive CD-ROM consists of 13 self-paced instructional modules which address the complex issues related to abuse and neglect of children and adults with developmental disabilities 

Measures work adjustment and work supports of people with special needs.

Package of 25 Questionnaire Test Booklets to accompany the Becker Work Adjustment Profile (Second Edition).

In this new interactive simulation, students must decide if sixteen diverse young people are making good career decisions

This program illustrates how to relate interests, skills, education, training, values, and lifestyle to specific occupations in the world of work

Helps viewers develop a career pathway plan that identifies three areas of interest and the ways each of them can be achieved, short-term and long-term. 

This program discusses innovative tips and strategies a person can use to set goals and find career direction.

Viewers match their talents, skills and interests to career opportunities.

Focuses on career decisions young people must make as they balance their changing lives.


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