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A communication disability is a barrier or barriers affecting the reception or transmittal of information. It may be severe enough to interfere with an individual academically, occupationally or socially. Problems with communication can have a minimal to huge impact and can define various disabilities.
For people with a hearing impairment or who are deaf, communication becomes difficult because of their inability to receive the information they are given.  With autism, communication is often difficult due to an inability to process received information within the brain, which may result in a speech and language impairment.  Although there are many types and causes for communication disabilities, these two in particular may limit an individual in school, on the job, or within a social network.

Fortunately, our knowledge of speech and hearing has expanded due to the research by professionals in medicine and allied fields, such as special education, speech and language, audiology, rehabilitation, child development and other disability technology.  These experts have been studying communication and applying modern techniques to the issues at hand.  Assistive technology professional have developed numerous new strategies, software and tools for aiding, augmenting and teaching both students as well as adults with language and communication disabilities.

Program Development Associates Communication Store has a collection of educational and information resources and videos that include assistive communication, augmentative and adaptive assistive technology for adults and children with communication disabilities and the professionals that help them.

Covers verbal and nonverbal communication, formal and informal communication, conflict resolution and negotiation, and staff-to-staff and staff-to-management communication.

Examines the basic elements of communication and how they can be adapted to older people who are living with hearing, vision, speech, and cognitive losses.

Create your own American Sign Language materials using any of the more than 5,555 clipart images with versatility.

Uses home and workplace situations to teach seven “Laws of Good Listening”.

From the perspective of a woman who lives with this often-misunderstood disorder and takes the viewer into an extraordinary journey inside autism.

A comprehensive approach to enhance communication and socio-emotional abilities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other related disorders.

Teaches how to deal with people-as-customers.

Demonstrates how to use diplomacy to successfully communicate with co-workers, team members, and supervisors. Learn how to understand different conversational roles: the escape artist, the judge, the scientist, the beggar, the commander.

Learning to successfully communicate with students, parents, and colleagues is absolutely crucial for anyone who wishes to prosper as a teacher.

Some 'cultural givens' are so deeply imbedded as to be invisible to those who hold them. These assumptions lead to communication breakdowns that cause embarrassment, frustration, or even discrimination.

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Conversation Skills: On the Job and in the Community BOOK
Conversation Skills: On the Job and in the Community BOOK
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Communicating with Tact, Candor & Credibility DVD
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Communicating With Customers DVD