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Teacher Training
A K-12 student with a disability that is learning in class typically has a special education teacher close by teaching him or her. Because of the critical role he or she plays in the educational experience of students with disabilities, a Special Education teacher needs continual training to keep abreast of the latest techniques and innovations.  Teaching children with disabilities requires college level Special Education Teacher training.  Additionally, teaching a child with a disability calls for a unique skillset and knowledge.  Throughout their career, teachers will take on the life-long commitment of learning about disabilities and training to improve and hone their teaching skills. Hence, disability teaching requires the instructor to take the role of the student in order to achieve their responsibilities as a successful Special Education teacher.  

To be successful in today’s educational environment, and to teach students with disabilities, continuous professional development is necessary.  Of course, disability learning resources are no substitute for experience.  However, education classes and professional development can be supplemented with cost effective multi-media tools, DVDs and training.  Program Development Associates Disability Teacher Training Store has a large variety of resources focused on disabilities, teacher education, as well as teacher aids.

Streamline your early intervention program and make the most of team meetings with folders designed for RTI with accompanying book that shows exactly how you can help struggling students.

Examples of how to instruct positive behaviors across all grade levels and settings.

Valuable messages to share about the need to set limits for children and the importance of saying NO.

Training for staff to learn to recognize and respond to students who may be depressed, distressed or having thoughts of suicide.

We see what teachers think about guidance and discipline, what influences them as they determine what they consider acceptable behavior and why they think children's behavior should be considered as "mistaken" rather than "wrong".

Overview of theory in action.

Viewers will learn theories that will give them a foundation to build their own philosophy of education.

Education Coordinators and Directors discuss the importance of initial and ongoing training, techniques and issues related to assessment of Pre-K children.

Shows how a bully learns that tolerance and diversity is essential for a community to function well.

Co-Teaching, Facilitative Support and Paraeducator staffing patterns and move your inclusion program forward.

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