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Secondary Education
For High school students receiving special education, a Disability Secondary Education Program will include an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  The IEP provides various techniques and strategies to promote learning. For a student with disability, secondary education help will include personalized goals. Depending on the students needs and the type of disability, secondary education tools teachers may use for resources include DVDS, CDS and games to promote learning for students with cognitive, emotional or physical disabilities

Program Development Associates realizes the numerous and varied techniques and resources needed for success in disability secondary education.  To that end, we have collected a large variety of resources from leading distributors and producers to inform, educate and engage teachers and their students.  Our Disability Secondary Education store specializes in training, videos and information to improve literacy, teach life skills and promote inclusion.

Examples of how to instruct positive behaviors across all grade levels and settings.

Read about and analyze community-based social situations using an illustrated, short story format.

Takes instruction out of the classroom and into the community so students learn a balanced blend of skills-from shopping to banking to doing laundry-on planned, supervised outings.

Humorous vignettes helps students explore the benefits of working as a team.

Compelling documentary film about the inclusion of children with disabilities in public schools.

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